This morning I had a thought: I need to remember to get Sarah’s best-loved perfume for Christmas….

Perhaps a rather ambitious thought for so early in the day.
(What the heck is the name of that perfume?)

But obviously a perfect time for frustration.
(Augh! Why do I never write things down?!)


But then….

(light dawns)

Ah, yes!  Sarah made a LIST!

(flowers dance in the sun, birds sing)

And then, after a second cup of coffee, those synapses were a-snappin’.
I had a second thought: If you don’t make a list, how do people know what to give you?

And then a third! (I know, astounding, isn’t it?):

If you don’t make a list…
…how will you know when you’ve got what you want?

Henriette Anne Klauser knows list-making is important, she wrote a whole book about it. In Write It Down, Make It Happen (Knowing What You Want and Getting It), Henriette says that writing stuff down sends a notice to the universe that says:

“Hey, I’m ready!”






And the thing she calls a “GO Incidence” (that time that great thing happened to you out of the blue), it’s the message back:

thumbs up

“I got your signal,
and I’m working on it!”



The idea is that with a handwritten life map, you will no longer meander willy-nilly through life taking the gamble of what you’ll find along the way, but you will see your course and follow it.

  • Committing your dreams to paper sets your destination.
  • Writing through doubtful thoughts takes you closer to your goal.
  • Framing your future in front of your nose on a regular basis provides incredible focus.

Anyone who knows anything about the Law of Attraction knows this will work the way visualization does. Once you’ve written down a goal, your brain starts working to deliver it to you. You begin to see what you’re looking for, which was probably hanging around all along, you just didn’t recognize it.

The thing I like best about Klauser’s method of pursuing dreams is this: no goal or desire can be too over-the-top. Goal-setting is the only rule, money and time are not a factor, and when you come across an aspiration that feels somewhat outrageous or out of your comfort zone, not only do you NOT need to rethink it, but you need to put a star beside it, because it’s a LIVE ONE!

I no longer have to listen to that voice in my head that tells me I can’t!

(a chorus of tiny elves chants “Hooray!”)

Chicken Soup for the Soul authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen advocate a similar technique to getting what you’re after, in their book called  The Aladdin Factor.  Basically, you’d better learn to ask for it, because if you don’t ask for it, you’re probably not going to get it.

Which brings me back to: how will you know when you get what you want?

(Those synapses are vibrating now!)

If we never come to the end of the road in the pursuit of happiness,
if the goal just keeps moving forward,
we remain unsatisfied.

So, first you have to want some things. Then you have to decide that once you get them, you’ll be happy.

Because it’s only by allowing ourselves to be happy that we can ever claim Happiness.

Now, please go out and fill yourself to bursting with great big, succulent wishes and dreams!!  I don’t know about you, but I want to be

Tickled Frickin' PINK

(small animals line dance, confetti falls, the curtains close.)

I take another sip of coffee, blink twice, and wonder: What just happened?


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