Everything is sexier with music.

Though it’s been awhile,
I remember what it was like to spend the evening at a club,
where smooth and seductive sounds
enhanced the significance of every gesture,
glance, and conversation…and ultimately, the memories.

No matter what your daily life was like,
it didn’t matter.

The 80's me, full of promise.
The 80’s me, full of promise.

At night you showered and dressed, primped and packaged – masqueraded,
as the Hollywood Movie Star/Vegas Dancer/New York Journalist
that you knew you would someday be.

And the music gave you wings.


I recently bought an ipod.

I haven’t had my own soundtrack since the 80’s, when I bicycled to my waitressing job every day, keeping time to Michael Jackson’s “Working Day and Night”.

This morning on the way to work I plugged in to Kenny G/Earth Wind and Fire’s “The Way You Move” and felt a smile building.

Suddenly, the world was a different place! I felt capable of anything, and everyone I passed looked like someone I might like to know.

Problems? …Hunh?  What problems?

I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without this critical, life-giving appendage!

So now I have questions:

What would the world be like if everyone – okay, no, I mean EVERY ONE – had an endless score of uplifting, exhilarating, mind-blowing harmonies playing in their head for a good part of each day?

What about all those other people I see wearing headphones – are we all experiencing the same thing?

What if some of us are not even in touch with the kind of music that would most inspire us?

What if we’re listening to the wrong kind of music and just a little tweak could change our lives?!

I know this is not new.  I know you are snickering.  I am sooo (OMG) old school.

Gimme’ a break; after twenty years (Good God, twenty years?) of taking care of other people, I’m just getting back to Me.

But the thing I really want to ask you is this: What’s Your Soundtrack?


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